Legacy of Samuel "Sammy" Whisler
Dedicated to his family, friends, and his community.

He touched the hearts and lives of everybody who he came in contact with. We believe that "a friend of Sam, is a friend to all". As soon as Sam was able at the age of just 13, he started what would be his career in public service. He either worked or had a relationship with almost every agency/type of public safety in Clatsop County. Sammy dedicated his life to helping others. He was a man of integrity, strength, and compassion. Sam is most remembered for his smile, bear hugs, and sense of humor. We salute to him for his selfless service to others. 

"So that others may live"

The Samuel Whisler Public Safety Scholarship Program
Support local students that want to follow in Sam's footsteps.

The Samuel Whisler Public Safety Scholarship Program was created to assist Clatsop County high school students with schooling related to obtaining a degree or certificate in some sort of a public safety capacity. 

Applicants undergo a thorough screening to ensure that they demonstrate the core values that Sam instilled in his life and work. Applicants must meet the following baseline criteria to be considered for a scholarship award. 

  • Must be in good standing with the community & school. 
  • Member in good standing with a public safety agency (preferred), or member of a community service organization that makes a difference in the lives of others. 
  • Attend a high school in Clatsop County
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from a member of their command staff. 

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